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Buying a Repairable Write-Off?

The NSW Government has announced new legislation to ban the re-registration of all statutory written-off vehicles (WOV). The move comes as the Government toughens its stance on car rebirthing, and means that a  statutory write-off will never be permitted to be re-registered in any State. Read more .........


Flood Damaged Cars

Car buyers have been warned to be on the lookout for flood- damaged vehicles from Queensland and Victoria. Thousands of them have been salvaged from disaster-affected areas for resale. The Insurance Council of Australia has received more than 10,000 claims for damaged vehicles and has cost them about $296 million. While most vehicles have been deemed statutory write-offs and cannot be repaired legally, that has not stopped them going under the hammer at auctions.Read more .........

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Car Auctions

Vehicles sold at auction may be cheaper, but they also present the most risks. The vehicle is not covered by a statutory warranty and generally, the auction house will not permit you to test drive it. However, they must allow a viewing of the car at certain times during the week prior to the auction day. They should also allow you to inspect the car yourself or have it inspected by a car inspection company. Read more .........

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How To Buy A Used Car

There are many questions you may have when it comes to the used car buying process. In this section we can answer some of these questions and hopefully, make the used car buying process easier. A benefit of opting for a used car is that they are generally cheaper than buying new, and you can sometimes find a good deal for a pre-owned car in great condition. Of course, there are risks that come with buying a car that someone else has owned. Read more .........

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