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Car Auctions

Be very careful

Vehicles sold at auction may be cheaper, but they also present the most risks. The vehicle is not covered by a statutory warranty and generally, the auction house will not permit you to test drive it. However, they must allow a viewing of the car at certain times during the week prior to the auction day. They should also allow you to inspect the car yourself or have it inspected by a car inspection company.  

Know the terms of purchase

Most auction houses require a down-payment of around 10 per cent or $500 at the fall of the hammer.  Payment is usually in cash, credit card, bank cheque, or funds transfer within 24 hours after the auction ends. Most cars are sold "as is/ where is" meaning that your money will not be refunded if the car has any problems. Only under certain conditions will you be offered a warranty period.

Check the paperwork carefully
If there are number plates attached to the vehicle, you must be given a safety check report, that is not more than one month old, that states that the vehicle is fit for registration.  (If the vehicle has been registered within the last month, you do not need a safety check report.). At the time of purchase, you should be given a receipt and the completed transfer of registration forms.  The auction house is also responsible for ensuring that no money is owing on the vehicle and no other party can claim a financial interest in it.

Register the vehicle
After you purchase the vehicle, you must visit a Motor Registry within 14 days to transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name. If the vehicle is not registered, you will need a safety check report (pink slip) and a "green slip" (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) before you can register it.  More information is available from the RMS Customer Service line on 13 2213 in Sydney and Wollongong or from your local Motor Registry.

Auction locations

Below is a list of the locations and times for the major car auctions in Sydney.

   AUCTION                                           DAY                              TIME
   Alliance Auctions, Moorebank            Thur                              6.30pm
   Auto Auctions, Guildford                     Tue, Thurs, Sat           10.30am & 12.00pm        
   Carnet Auctions, Chullora                   Wed & Fri                   10.30am & 6.30pm
   Carnet Auctions, Smithfield                 Wed & Fri                   10.30am   
   Independent Motor Auctions               Tue, Thur, Fri                9.30am, 10.00am, & 6.00pm
   Manheim Fowles Auctions                  Tue                              12.00pm
   Pickles Auctions                                  Mon, Tue, Wed              3.00pm & 9.30am
   The Motor Auction


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Sydney Auto Inspections' mobile services are available throughout Sydney and the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Coff's Harbour.

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