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Car History Checking Services in Sydney

Car History Check

The Car History Report (see sample) provides both the comprehensive history of a motor vehicle that has been registered in Australia, and the protection of a PPSR Certificate. This will show all registered details to the date the certificate is issued and is your proof that there was no money owing on the vehicle when you bought it.

The information in the Car History Report allows you to be comfortable that you are getting what you pay for in a used motor vehicle. The report is compiled with information gathered from the National Vehicle Information System (NVIS) as well as from several Government and other national databases. The Car History Report is designed to alert you to potentially significant information about a vehicle and can tell you:


  • if the vehicle's odometer reading is accurate, or if it has been wound back

  • If the car has been written off or stolen

  • If there is existing finance on the vehicle

  • what the car is expected to be worth in the current market

The PPSR Certificate will state whether or not a financial encumbrance is recorded against the vehicle. If an encumbrance is recorded, the certificate will state:

The name and address of the interest holder (financier)
Details of the vehicle recorded on PPSR
The date the interest was recorded on PPSR
The type of interest e.g. lease, hire purchase, etc.

Car History Reports are compiled using data held in the NVIS which operated and maintained by Veda, Australia's leading credit information bureau. The NVIS is a comprehensive collection of information on motor vehicles that have been registered in Australia. It is contributed to and updated by major Australian motor vehicle Insurers as well as other proprietary companies with interests in the Australian automotive industry.

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Sydney Auto Inspections' mobile services are available throughout Sydney and the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Coff's Harbour.

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