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Area Map & Prices

We offer a flat rate of $280.00 for all inspections within the inner Sydney metropolitan area and $300.00 for outer Sydney metro areas. We charge $320.00 for all inspections in the outer Sydney areas and $340.00 for the greater Sydney areas. For any suburb on these borders we are always willing to negotiate the price. The Sydney metro is divided into 4 regions and indicated by the coloured boundary lines below:

The inner Sydney metro is any area within the red line ($280.00).

The outer Sydney metro is any area outside the red line but within the blue line ($300.00)

The outer Sydney is any area outside the blue line but within the orange line ($320.00)

The greater Sydney is any area outside the orange line ($340.00 or based on location)



"Our independent car inspections aren't expensive, theyr'e priceless"

Sydney Auto Inspections' mobile services are available throughout Sydney and the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Coff's Harbour.

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